Official music video album "ORO" by Maurytanja.

Director/ Animator: Adriano Vessichelli
roducer : Jack
Film Credits
Directed by Adriano Vessichelli
Editing by Adriano Vessichelli
Animation and compositing by:
Adriano Vessichelli
Giacomo Bompan -

Video sources:
Cineteca del Friuli
Archivio Vitrotti
Archivio Centrale dello Stato
British Pathé

Music by Maurytanja, perfomed by Murytanja

Distinguished Portraits are digital interventions of historical portrait paintings. They are digital works. I cover the protagonists faces using naturalistic elements. Taking into account the special characteristics of the painting, I transform the individual identities of the painting itself. I replace the original human features with the ones of fruits or plants, by doing so I try to incorporate a contemporary discourse on nature and society into historical paintings. The Distinguished Portraits are a contemporary view on art history introducing a simple question to the equation, what if nature would have been at the centre of our conversations throughout history? By giving a human resemblance to nature’s elements I want to debate the anthropocentric view of our current society underlining the importance of plants in our everyday life. The experiments serve as reminder of a simple fact, plants account up to 85% of the biomass present on planet earth, we, the humans including the animals, represent only the 0.3% (source “La pianta del mondo” by Stefano Mancuso). Maybe we could reconsider our importance and priorities in the world.


Original paintings
Arciduca Ferdinando Massimiliano I by Winterhalter Franz Xavier, 1857
Admiral Horatio Nelson by John Francis Rigaud, 1781
Madame X by John Singer Sargent, 1884
Henry VIII by Hans Holbein, 1543
Pope Pio VI by Pompeo Batoni, 1804
Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1783

GRADIENTS is an experiment that intends to merge the analogical vision of the finest artists with the contemporary world and its digital language through an element that often occurs as a glitch, the gradient. In this attempt the idea is to render the well known protagonists of the paintings to a mass of stains, blurs and patches, resulting in a synthesis of its original image like the one apperaring in the second half of the 19th century in Italy in the artistic movement of the Macchiaioli. Beside the game of guessing who’s hiding behind the glitches the idea is to introduce the contemporary digital view within the realm of fine arts.


Original paintings
New York interior, Edward Hopper, 1921
Fanciullo con canestro di frutta, Caravaggio, 1593
Dama con Ermellino, Leonardo Da Vinci, 1498
Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer, 1665
Die Windsbraut, Oskar Kokoschka, 1913
Giuditta che decapita Oloferne, Artemisia Gentileschi, 1612
Man in a Sports Shirt, Lucian Freud, 1982

Official music video commissioned by CantAutori for new single “Molo Audace”.

A song about memories of a particular place, Trieste.

Memories are like dreams. When we try to remember a place or something the images we have are always amplified by our imagination. The emotions tighten to the place enrich our own memories, they decorate it with new elements, they reinvent reality as it is making it like a dream or and illusion, everything suddenly becomes surreal.

In the video the images, we have hidden in the memories, flow like dreams carried by the wind. In Trieste the wind is a very strong and present element and it carries everything through the mountains, the city, the sea. So the dreams become seagulls surfing the wind.

Director/ Animator: Adriano Vessichelli
roducer : Jack
Film Credits
Created by Adriano Vessichelli
Animated and directed by: Adriano Vessichelli
Editing and compositing by: Adriano Vessichelli

Music and lyrics: Andrea Paoletti
Artistic production: i CantAutori e Tiziano Bole
Voice: Rocky Verardo
Guitars: Richie Necker
Piano: Bernd Meyer
Base: Francesco Cainero
Accordion: Sergio Paoletti
Drum: Andrea Paoletti
Mix: Tiziano Bole, Little Paris Studio, Trieste
Mastering: Alberto Bravin

Photos by Massimo Goina e Sandro Franco

Recorded at Single Coil Studio, Sinzig, Germania and Little Paris Studio of Trieste

In the aftermath of a special encounter Bruno understands the dark side of his job.
From that moment on his story and the one of his native valley will be deeply intertwined.

La Bella Dormiente is a shortfilm written along with Gianpaolo Pepe and Clemente Lepore in development since September 2018, also thanks to the support of the Danish animation school The Animation Workshop and its program Open Workshop.

Film Credits:
Written by: Adriano Vessichelli, Gianpaolo Pepe, Clemente Lepore
Directed and Animated by: Adriano Vessichelli
Art direction and Background designer: Andrea Reali
Compositing: Adriano Vessichelli
Music Composer and Sound designer: Marian Mentrup

Supported by The Animation Workshop

© Adriano Vessichelli 2020

© Adriano Vessichelli 2024

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