"Agent of Chaos" is a hand scribbling something apparently meaningless and random. Concealed within the lines lies a world of complexity and connection.

Graduation Film from MA Character Animation at Central Saint Martin 2013.

The making behind the film is a mix of digital and analogical techniques, for the characters I’ve started by drawing everything on paper and colouring in digital painting while for the background I’ve used crayons on rough paper in order to add some texture.

Cinamima 2013 - Espinho

Animasyros 2014 - Official selection
Cologne OFF 2014 - Official selection
HAFF 2104 - Official selection
Cinamima 2013 - Official selection

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Film Credits
Director/Animator: Adriano Vessichelli
Assistant Animator: Andrea Gulli
Compositor: Adriano Vessichelli
Music Composer/ Sound Designer: Matteo Monero
Production: Central Saint Martin

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