I worked as compositor for “The British Bake Off 2023” season advert campaign for Channel4 and produced by The Line studio.

Here a step by step of both the behind the scenes and the compositing process.


Client Creativec4, Channel4
Director: JuanPe Arroyo
Creative Director: Tim McCourt
Producer: Tom Kay, Macarena Gaset
Live action producer : Patrik Duguid
Production Manager: Denise Cirone
Live Action Production Manager: Beatrice Giustini, Sophie Jakovek
1st Assistant Director: Ekul Goodrich, Jack Meredith
Lead Story Artist: Eva Figueroa
Art Director: JuanPe Arroyo
Animation Lead: JuanPe Arroyo
Compositing Lead: Tommaso Lunardi
Compositing team: Adriano Vessichelli, Chieka Ononye
Food Stylist: Suss Cake Studio
Director of Photography: J.R.Blann
Head of Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Wall
Head of Production: Hanae Seida
Executive Producer: Laura Breaden


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