Official music video commissioned by CantAutori for new single “Molo Audace”.

A song about memories of a particular place, Trieste.

Memories are like dreams. When we try to remember a place or something the images we have are always amplified by our imagination. The emotions tighten to the place enrich our own memories, they decorate it with new elements, they reinvent reality as it is making it like a dream or and illusion, everything suddenly becomes surreal.

In the video the images, we have hidden in the memories, flow like dreams carried by the wind. In Trieste the wind is a very strong and present element and it carries everything through the mountains, the city, the sea. So the dreams become seagulls surfing the wind.

Director/ Animator: Adriano Vessichelli
roducer : Jack
Film Credits
Created by Adriano Vessichelli
Animated and directed by: Adriano Vessichelli
Editing and compositing by: Adriano Vessichelli

Music and lyrics: Andrea Paoletti
Artistic production: i CantAutori e Tiziano Bole
Voice: Rocky Verardo
Guitars: Richie Necker
Piano: Bernd Meyer
Base: Francesco Cainero
Accordion: Sergio Paoletti
Drum: Andrea Paoletti
Mix: Tiziano Bole, Little Paris Studio, Trieste
Mastering: Alberto Bravin

Photos by Massimo Goina e Sandro Franco

Recorded at Single Coil Studio, Sinzig, Germania and Little Paris Studio of Trieste

Honorable mention - WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival 2024

Honorable mention - Cinemaking International Film Festival 2023
Best Music Video - Bettiah International Film Festival 2022
Official selection - Insomnia Festival 2022
Finalist - Next Generation Indie Film Awards 2022
© Adriano Vessichelli 2024

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