In the aftermath of a special encounter Bruno understands the dark side of his job.
From that moment on his story and the one of his native valley will be deeply intertwined.

La Bella Dormiente is a shortfilm written along with Gianpaolo Pepe and Clemente Lepore in development since September 2018, also thanks to the support of the Danish animation school The Animation Workshop and its program Open Workshop.

Film Credits:
Written by: Adriano Vessichelli, Gianpaolo Pepe, Clemente Lepore
Directed and Animated by: Adriano Vessichelli
Art direction and Background designer: Andrea Reali
Compositing: Adriano Vessichelli
Music Composer and Sound designer: Marian Mentrup

Supported by The Animation Workshop

© Adriano Vessichelli 2020

© Adriano Vessichelli 2024

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