“Odio” is the depiction of social exclusion. The story of someone, neither human nor animal, who has experienced threat.

This is my first short film created in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company in my first year of MA Character Animation at Central Saint Martin.

The technique behind the film is a mix of analogical and digital with the main character digitally painted and the background painted with acrylic on canvas.

Film Credits
Produced and directed: Adriano Vessichelli
Music Designer: Pierre Oreilly
Production: Central Saint Martin

HAFF Tube 2014: 1st prize winner - Utrecht

Athens Animfest 2014 - Athens
Bang! 2013 - Nottingham
Animpact 2013 - Seoul
Animae Caribe 2013 - Trinidad and Tobago
Civican Animatic 2013 - Pamplona
The Invisible Line Gallery 2013 - London
Brooom 2013 - London
Four Corners Gallery 2013 - London

WickED Film Festival 2012 - London

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