I have designed, animated and directed the animation for the official video "Trustworthy Rock" of the Will and The People.


A video by MayFly Collective
Script and directed by: Dario Carrarini, Claudio Aloia
Produced by: Will Rendle and Emanuele Tiberi
Director of Photography: Michel Clement Franco
First Ac: Francesca Zonars
Additional Photography: Adriano Martelli
Set Designer: Daniele Addei
Editor: Adriano Patruno
Colorist: Edoardo Rebecchi

Animation direction: Adriano Vessichelli
Animation: Adriano Vessichelli, Nathan Breville

Post production - Map - Lighting equipment by: Redigital

Will Rendle - Charlie Harman - Jamie Rendle - Jim Ralphs - Margaret Edgcumbe Rendle -
Frankie Camicia - Oscar Biribicchi - Matias Mela - Charlie Rendle.

© Adriano Vessichelli 2024 

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